Spirit of Women Awards

Spirit of Women Awards

Spirit of Women awards

This annual awards program, through Mary Washington Healthcare, honors ordinary women who selflessly provide extraordinary service to benefit their communities. We are proud to honor the following women as our 2018 winners:

Spirit of Women School Employee of the Year: Gale Puffenberger, Courthouse Road Elementary School

Spirit of Women School Nurse of the Year: Amanda Steep, Thornburg Middle School

Amanda Stepp has developed a great rapport with our students, staff and student families. She genuinely cares about the well being of our students and staff. She shows compassion for all our students and staff on a daily basis. She comes in to work everyday with a positive attitude and a warm smile on her face. She is definitely more than just a school nurse!! She is very nurturing and caring and is a “mom” to all of our students. Her job encompasses much more than temperatures and band-aids. She has a wonderful spirit and has a true sense of caring that goes beyond just the physical care itself.

Spirit of Women Youth of the Year: Rachel Good, Stafford High School